Utility Body Bar


Now offering beard AND body care with The Unruly Beard | Beard Care Co. UTILITY BODY BAR!

Formulated with essential, quality ingredients such as goat milk, coconut oil and sweet almond oil to leave your body and hair feeling naturally clean!

Goat Milk has a pH balance similar to human skin. Its naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and proteins offer the gentle nourishment and moisturization your skin needs and your hair craves, all while naturally exfoliating and replenishing the nutrients needed, such as vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and A.

Using soaps loaded with excessive ingredients and sometimes synthetic may be (too) harsh, leading to dry skin and irritation amongst other problems. Using a natural approach for the hair and skin on your body aids in preventing these issues while also leaving you smelling your best!

In combination with The Unruly Beard | Beard Wash, adding this all purpose Utility Body Bar to your routine provides an all-around beard and body care regimen.

Available in all seven of our fragrance options!

  • Utility Body Bar / The Uke / 4 oz
  • Utility Body Bar / The Gentleman / 4 oz
  • Utility Body Bar / The Bro / 4 oz
  • Utility Body Bar / The Dude / 4 oz
  • Utility Body Bar / The Savage / 4 oz
  • Utility Body Bar / The Senor / 4 oz