The Unruly Beard | Beard Care Co. believes anyone can grow a healthy beard without many of the common challenges all too often heard about when it comes to growing facial hair: dry skin, itching, unruly hairs, patchy growth, lack of control and irritation to name a few.

We strive to educate and empower men and women of all ages regarding the best way to grow and manage any level of facial hair using our affordable personal care products made in the USA using 100% all natural ingredients and pure essential oils, formulated for use on people with sensitive skin and noses (fragrance-free options), to promote optimal growth while limiting irritation and frustration.


It's simple...we wanted to answer one question:

"How can we grow natural, healthy beards without the process becoming so 'UNRULY'?"

As three friends from California forced into lives of unemployment around the same time for three different reasons, we suddenly had more time on our hands, more hair on our faces and no mandatory reason to shave.

The idea of growing beards became a realistic passion. It wasn't until some obstacles arose for some of us that a serious aspiration was decided. How do we calm the itch, grow through the patchiness, and tame our unruly manes while not looking like the unemployment life had gotten the best of us?

Collectively, having heard many of the same challenges other people face when attempting to grow a beard, we knew the next step was to educate ourselves; so we did just that.

With the knowledge from our research combined with our personal preferences, we invested in some of the best non-toxic, all natural ingredients and fragrances in order to develop the healthiest and most efficient personal care products for anyone's skin and facial hair. After multiple attempts to narrow down ingredient ratios, fragrance testing and surveying, we came up with our first samples of beard butter. Naturally, we shared our work...and the demand rose.

The opportunity was evident...we need to spread our passion for beard care even further.

So here we are, the Graphic Designer, the Marketing Pro, and the Service & Sales Pro have made the leap - The Unruly Beard | Beard Care Co. product line is born and we are excited to introduce our hard work and dedication to you.


For The Unruly Beard family...it's about quality.

Quality in the people we choose to spend our time with, quality in the products we create, quality in the relationships we build & quality in the love that we share for each other. Equally important is the quality of positivity we can bring into someone's life by simply sharing a part of who we are and what we do.

If we are proud to give our products to our own family, we are definitely proud to share them with everyone else and that is exactly why we've created The Unruly Beard | Beard Care Co. products. We are excited to share these products with everyone and look forward to expanding our bearded family even more.